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Process.  Planning.  Support.

We can assist your team in building state and local political campaigns. Our roster of clients has included state officeholders, legislative leaders, contenders in mayoral and county commission races, and political action committees (PACs).

We have the ability to help you build your issue platform and to roll out your campaign step by step. TSG Consulting knows how to generate support, excitement and public attention for your campaign and your fundraising events.

Every race is different, so we specialize in a targeted approach to reaching your potential voters and maximizing your campaign dollars. TSG Consulting can help you become the candidate of choice for your next political race.

In addition to working with candidates, TSG Consulting has developed campaigns for statewide issues and local referendums. We have worked with non-profit associations and local interests to craft the right message at the right time to gain community support and voter turnout at the polls.

From emergency bond levies to smoking issues, we've used our team approach to build grass roots support and media attention. From news conferences to letter-writing to social media, we can help you choose the right tools to get your voice heard.