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Policy.  Drive.  Results.

TSG Consulting is one of the strongest government affairs firms in West Virginia and has significant experience with public policy. Using testimony, letters, meetings and other methods, we've worked with policymakers in West Virginia and on Capitol Hill. We build long-term relationships for our clients. Our registered lobbyists know how to drive issues and get results!

Our clientele has included hospitality and tourism interests, banking institutions, the insurance industry, general business, technology companies, heavy manufacturers and a wide range of entities in the health care field. We've refined the art of crafting a message to affect outcomes - creating an effective governmental affairs strategy that works.

We have the ability to monitor and track bills on both the state and federal levels. We assist in message development, lobbying, and building grass roots advocacy to give you long-term, positive results.

Unfortunately, the need to lobby isn't always planned, and in a crisis situation, you need to act quickly. We have extensive experience in time-sensitive matters, assisting our clients with message development and image counseling that can help your organization weather the storm.

Drawing on our specialization in the process of making laws, rules and regulations, TSG can prepare you to meet the scrutiny of the media and policymakers when your organization is facing a potentially hostile situation.